Check out our short promo video featuring Rob Scott of Aspen Planers out of Merritt, BC. This is a great example of how quickly and easily our products can be moved around, prepped and installed. In this video, the local beaver population has managed to dam up the previous galvanized steel culvert causing a complete wash out of the road. The EnviroArch is installed with relative ease and rapidity as a replacement to the culvert. This particular structure has been used previously and is still in near perfect shape thanks to it’s rugged, durable design.

Aspen Planers Merritt is one of our most prolific and satisfied customers to date. Over the past 20 plus years this sawmill has been using both our original EnviroArch “halfpipes” and our more recent Panel Bridges with great success, in some cases reusing our products when the time come to de-activate a particular resource road.