Environmentally Friendly Temporary Structures

Portable Bridges built for environmental sustainability

Stream Bed Integrity

All of our modular crossing systems are environmentally friendly and are specifically designed to be non-invasive portable bridge solutions. Whereas traditional culvert installations require complete removal of the natural streambed, often preventing marine wildlife from migrating upstream, our bridges can be installed without any disturbances to the streambed and channel.

Silt Prevention

All EnviroBridge portable bridge models have solid steel decks with no perforated surfaces, preventing water-flow on decks, and silt from infiltrating the watercourse. The environmentally friendly portable bridges ensure water quality is maintained.

Wildlife Passage

Our portable bridge designs like EnviroArch and EnviroPanel allow small animals, fish and amphibians to move naturally under the roadway. Here is an example of EnviroArch being used specifically as a toad crossing:

Nicola Naturalists

Give us a call to obtain more information about the symbiotic relationship of EnviroBridge portable bridges and environmental sustainability.

6 Metre Bridge - 2hr Install
9 Metre Panel Bridge - 2hr Install