EnviroPanel Portable Bridge Structures

Solid and Sustainable

EnviroPanel bridge structures are a modular-style crossing intended for both temporary and permanent applications.

EnviroBridge panel bridges were created specifically for easy installation and full-proof durability for temporary crossing-medium-span range (3-9m). These fortified steel bridges employ a gravel-on-steel deck surface that requires little-to-no maintenance and are intended for use and reuse.

Effortless Configuration

The panel bridge consists of two components, the substructure and deck panels.  Each panel is 3 meters in length, thus a 3 meter bridge consists of 1 panel, a 6 meter bridge has 2 panels and our 9 meter bridge consists of 3 panels.

All our bridges are engineer load rated for L100 (98,000 kg) loads.

The deck panels are quick to place and remove requiring no bolts, clamps or welds to secure. EnviroPanel modular bridge structures can hold up to 15cm of material, utilizing structural fill as the deck surface. Our modular bridge construction is convenient; no pilot cards or special permits are required, making transportation effortless. For local moves, the substructures are built with skid plates–they can be dragged for short distances without suffering damage to structural components. When a job is completed, EnviroPanel modular crossing systems can be easily removed, safe and easy to reuse for your next project.


We have three standard sizes available for purchase or rental: 3, 6, and 9 meter lengths. EnviroPanel bridges make ideal crossings for all sensitive underground utilities such as pipelines and fiber optic cables. For stream crossings we have a variety of end wall and footings that we can recommend based upon your unique site conditions.

EnviroBridge has the equipment and expertise to transport and install your temporary bridge. Call us today for more information.

Download Panel Bridge Specs

Easy installation, superior strength and durability
9 meter bridge
9 meter bridge – substructure and 3 panels
Load rated for L100
Placed on concrete lock block abutments
Easy transport, easy installation
Load rated L100
Robust, long life, reusable