Today we filmed the installation of a 2.0m EnviroArch bottomless culvert to demonstrate how straightforward the install can be.

First the site is prepped by removing any vegetation that may interfere with the placement of the arch. In this case we needed to remove one small shrub and a single rock on the edge of the creek to prepare the space for the footing. Once in we have our EnviroArch settled in place, we position the filter cloth over the structure to prevent any excess silt from flowing into the creek during wet weather, and proceed to add some fill material over the bridge to create a surface to drive over. Once that is complete we place some larger rip-rap (rock) against the sides of the end walls to prevent dirt and silt from flowing into the stream channel over time. A bit of tidying up and this installation is finished. All in under 3 hours!

Equipment used for install:
20 tonne excavator
2 way lifting sling or cable with shackles all rated for 8000 lbs or higher
Tag lines
Non-woven geotech cloth 30′ x 15′