Total Installation Time: 2 Hours

Enviro Bridge Applications

2 meter Arch Culvert Installation Video

EnviroBridge arch culverts are the answer to crossing fish streams where preservation of the stream channel and to retain fish passage is imperative.

Panel Bridges

Panel Bridges

EnviroBridge Panel Bridges can be used for temporary bridge or permanent bridge applications. The modular construction allows for easy transport and storage.

3 meter Arch Culvert installation Video

Environmental Sustainability

All of our modular crossing systems are environmentally friendly and are specifically designed to be non-invasive portable bridge solutions.

What Makes Us Different.

Quick Installation

Environmental Sustainability

Convenient and Durable


I required a couple of small creek crossings in the new subdivision property I was planning which needed to be capable of special road load ratings and road widths.  After initially looking at concrete block culverts, I wanted something more environmentally friendly that wouldn’t impact either of the creeks.  Searching online I located the EnviroBridge Arch Culverts.  These were the ideal solution due to a number of factors:  High Load Rating, Customizable in lengths as required, Fit for the size of creek crossings I had (2m and 3m) and more importantly would provide a much easier installation without any direct stream contact.  The added bonus was that they were made locally in BC, which I was very happy to support a local company.  The installation contractor, environmental professional and design engineer working on this project were also very impressed with this design.  Both culverts were built to the length I required, and delivered in the timeline as promised.  Very happy with my choice to use this product, and would highly recommend these for consideration on any stream crossing requirement that would fit the span provided.  Installation and cost were considerably more economical then looking at other alternatives including building custom bridges, and they met or exceeded the strict road design requirements we had.

Much Thanks. Robert
Mission, BC.

Purchased a 2 meter arch X 30 feet long and a 3 meter arch X 24 feet long.