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Open Bottom Fish Friendly Arch Culverts

EnviroBridge arch culverts are the answer to crossing fish streams where preservation of the stream channel and to retain fish passage is imperative.  The open bottom culvert design allows for minimal site disturbance, easy placement and minimal site disturbance during installation.

Ecological Impact

At EnviroBridge, we are fully educated in the environmental impact of road construction. We understand that even the slightest disturbance to watercourse and streambeds can profoundly affect overall stream ecology. That’s why we developed EnviroArch crossing systems with our temporary arch bridges.

Strength and Stability

EnviroArch crossings not only maintain the integrity of streambeds, they possess unprecedented durability and longevity. Each bottomless EnviroArch pipe comes fully engineered, holding a 100-tonne load rating. This makes them ideal for heavy-equipment transportation. These crossing systems are purposefully intended for re-usability and extensive lifespan.

Custom and Convenience

At EnviroBridge we recognize that every crossing site is unique and requires different temporary structures. That’s why EnviroArch crossings can be built to virtually any width (shorter or longer than our standard 7 meters). For added convenience, our products come in one piece with no assembly required. Installation and removal are quick and painless—with no disturbance to water flow. In the event that more permanent installations are needed, we can even add custom-wing walls to prevent additional silt from entering the watercourse. Our equipment and experts reflect the highest caliber and knowledge in temporary structures – if you have a particular need, EnviroBridge will strive to see it fulfilled.

Pipeline and Utility Protection

The Arch Culvert is the ultimate way to cross over pipelines or utility lines.  The culverts have a 2 or 3 meter span to protect the pipeline or utility from the weight of heavy equipment.  A small amount of fill on top and you are crossing the line ensuring no damage.  When done, pull it out and move it to the next crossing.  Protect your investment by using the Arch Culvert to move equipment across your lines.  

All arch culverts are engineer certified to L100 (100 tons).  This can be increased to 165 tons with appropriate depth of fill on the structure.

Custom Lengths Available

EnviroPipe open bottom arch culverts come in standard 24 foot lengths but we can add length as required for your site.  For wider roads, we can extend the length as required to ensure that your road running surface is of a width that you require.  

Ask us for a quote for the length that you require.

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Easy to transport to site
Easy to install
Robust, long life span
Easy to remove and re-use

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EnviroPipes are engineer certified at L100.
Load rating can be increased to L165 with appropriate fill depth.

Arch Culverts are robust and versatile