What Makes Modular Bridge Builder EnviroBridge Different?


Our modular bridges are highly functional, durable and built to stand up to the rigors of use and reuse. We understand how common it is for temporary access roads to be built and then deactivated when the project is finished. That’s why we’ve ensured that our bridges excel in temporary-use situations and serve as cost-efficient rentals for our contractors. For example, logging and sawmill services use our modular bridge systems because they allow them to move quickly across fish-bearing streams in a logging block, and when the work is done, can then be removed and transported to the next block.


Our products are convenient. We strive to make the process of crossing a stream or pipeline as simple and as fast as possible. None of our standard bridge models require pilot cars or special permits to transport. Our modular bridges fit together without bolts, clamps or extra welds. Plus, we build them tough enough to be pushed, pulled or dragged down gravel roads to the next installation site.

Cost Effective

EnviroBridge is cost effective. EnviroBridges have little-to-no maintenance costs because we build high-grade steel and use gravel as the top surface of all of our crossings. Wooden deck and concrete deck bridges will deteriorate with time and use, but gravel will not wear and tear. Our bridges are virtually indestructible, holding their value for years to come.