EnviroPanel Modular Bridges Usage

EnviroPanel modular bridges are designed to serve as temporary structures in construction, or as permanent fixtures over streams and underground utilities, such as pipelines. For short-to-medium span pipeline and stream crossings, consider using EnviroPanel bridges. Read on to learn other ways in which our products are utilized.


Our bridges are easily applied in conjunction with typical forestry road-building equipment. EnviroPanel can be installed quickly in order to give equipment access to timber on the other side of a watercourse. They are durable enough to use as skid crossings; and tracks, chains, and ice lugs will not cause damage to the gravel bridge deck, greatly prolonging the lifespan of the bridge.

Municipal Construction

Underground utilities can be found everywhere. There is often a need to transport heavy equipment, such as excavators and cranes, across an underground pipeline or buried fiber-optic cable. Our bridges are designed for quick installation, for heavy use throughout the duration of your construction project, and are removed just as easily when a project has ended.

Oil and Gas

If your company has temporary project sites and needs access to remote areas, then you should have an EnviroPanel modular crossing in your yard ready to go. Our bridges can be used repeatedly to transport your crew across a stream or underground utility, and back into production.

And Many More

Our standard sized and custom-built EnviroPanel bridges have applications in forest fire fighting and military operations—and that’s not all. Call us today to learn more about EnviroPanel bridges and to share with us how we may accommodate your specific needs in temporary structures in construction.