EnviroBridge | Experts in Temporary Bridge Design

Our History

EnviroBridge was created in response to a missing link within the temporary construction field. Project managers were in need of bottomless-creek crossings that could be installed and removed quickly, efficiently, and that were easily transportable. Thus, EnviroBridge was born, and in 1998 long-time bridge builder and EnviroBridge founder Harry Sanders created EnviroArch bottomless culverts from repurposed steel.


Now, over a decade later, our product line has expanded to include longer-span crossing and steel cross-drains. Our bridges have been used on forestry roads, gas and hydro-electric right-of-ways, and multiple small, fish-bearing creeks across BC and Alberta.

The Right Choice

The reason to choose EnviroBridge is simple: we provide and maintain consistent high standards in durable products, environmental integrity, and convenience and cost efficiency. We are experts in temporary bridge design and portable bridge structures.

If you need advice on environmental regulations, installation requirements and procedures, or, custom footings and end-walls, we welcome an opportunity to share our knowledge. In need of heavy equipment, gravel products and bridge transportation? No problem; EnviroBridge is happy to assist in outsourcing your additional needs. Call us today to begin a conversation about your project.